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Pan Bagnat

Pan Bagnat is an iconic Provencal sandwich which my mother taught us in childhood it's base is Nicoise salad on bread. Returning from Provence I craved one after I was disappointedly served terrible version from a sandwich shop this summer slathered in mayonnaise,...

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Bahn Mi

Bahn Mi is the Vietnamese sandwich that captures that nation's delicate flavors combined with remnants of its French colonial past . Below is my home made version. It's a  baguette filled with Southeast Asian umami fillings which can include anything...

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Anatomy of a Panino

Testing a formula for sourdough ciabatta, and inspired by my friarielli, I decided to fill the holey crumb. Using a mix of porchetta and a splash of Korean mustard (Burnt & Salty), it was a simple process. Reheat some sliced pork, spread some oily slicked...

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Tramezzino (Sandwich)

While posting some bread photos on Instagram, a follower asked if I knew how to make trammezzino bread. First, I had to Google trammezzino. I found out it's a name coined by Gabriele D'Annunzino for sandwich made famous at Turin's Caffe'...

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Back in the U.S. Army where I first trained in institutional kitchens, "tartines" were open-faced white bread sandwiches served with mashed potatoes, roast beef and brown gravy. Crude. Basic. Unremarkable. Though my co-producer at Stir the Pots, Jonathan...

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