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Bahn Mi

by | Apr 24, 2016 | Bread, Food, sandwich

Bahn Mi is the Vietnamese sandwich that captures that nation's delicate flavors combined with remnants of its French colonial past . Below is my home made version. It's a  baguette filled with Southeast Asian umami fillings which can include anything from grilled beef to liver pate, along with carrots, pickles and condiments. Recently I found  a recipe from Alberto Adria that used some modernist ingredients, namely flourless tirsol.  A powder usually used for frying foods, it is used with Banh Mi to crispen the crust. Adapting it with sourdough, here's my first Bahn Mi. Pretty damned tasty!


IMG_3325 IMG_3340



  1. Bprezant@gmail.com

    Did you get that knife at zabar’s when that was one of the few places to get an (illegal) carbon steel knife? It looks,just like mine.

  2. Jonitin

    Brad, got it at Broadway Panhandlers before they closed!


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