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Truccione Saré

by | Feb 12, 2014 | Bread



"Truccione Saré" is the name of a dark baked sourdough sold at New York City's Sullivan Street Bakery. With its mahogany crust,it is crumb riddled with aveolage and with lovely scoring. I tasted it. I looked at it.

I liked it. And then I tried to create it from the bakery's webiste flour description of "60/40%,white and whole wheat," my goal to reach what James Lahey coined the "sweet spot."  

Here is what I got on my first try. Dry, underproofed, under-hydrated bird feed. Oh, well, it's winter!


 Not giving up, I played with the percents, adding more water and a well fed levain. This time I got something slightly sweeter. Next time I'll give it over-night fermentation, which I think is what they do at the bakery, judging from the blisters in the dough.


Still, the slash was off, I couldn't get the distinct double grigne, but the flavor was there and the crumb was pretty amazing.



My third attempt I used half white bread flour from "Farmer Ground", local from upstate New York. Which got a similar crumb, and an almost sweeter profile. The dough was left overnight to ferment for final proof and it worked nicely!

  IMG_8389 IMG_8398


Just need to get the double grigne and I think I'm there, maybe even more water, Eli?


  1. Greg

    Thanks for sharing this. Could you post the recipe? I would love to take a stab at trying to make this wonderful bread at home!

  2. Jonitin

    Thanks Greg, but as there isn’t a particular recipe except that I just made one up from the character and parameters offered on Sullivan Street bakery’s site, 60% and 40% whole wheat I just fiddled with the rest and came up and am still tweaking this formula. Take the basic and make it your own, a recipe,formula is just a notion!

  3. Charles

    Did you ever finalize a recipe? I would love to know how you made this.

  4. Jonitin

    Greg, yes, I found it on my testing for James Lahey for his book, which it’s inside with many others!


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