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by | Apr 9, 2014 | Uncategorized

A crate of beer suggestions From the Swiss mountains,  L'Amoureuse. It's a wine grape brewed beer. It's amazing. Crossing the French border, try  Brasserie Du Mont Blanc "La Rousse, a brown bottled beauty for that has a bang. Amber, full head, it's a keeper that earned a 2011 Medaille D'or. 


Heading south, try Cervesa Montseny from Barcelona! Last time someone tried serving me a beer from Catalunya, it was  Estrella Damm, which made me think of tasteless rice. At that time, I swore to never drink another Spanish beer again. Then I popped open this brown and black labeled mystery artisan beer, and… wow! 


Without a trace of recognizable hoppiness of a lager or the bitter notes of an IPA, this is as unique as Catalunya! Some investigating into Catalonian food and you got a nice match.


 A sweet nutty chestnut beer from the Ardeche, complex and maybe going into a chestnut bread? Good for fall and winter, or all year really!




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