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Pork Belly Porchetta

by | May 10, 2014 | Food, Porchetta

I like porchetta, a dish known for it's roasted and crackling skin. Someday I hope to get to try it in Rome, the city that claims it as a delicacy. But I have made some on my own in the past, usually using both the pork loin and belly. Recently I made one with just the pork belly, which is fatty, crisp and moist.

Traditionally you treat it with fennel, lemon, sage and/or rosemary. I adapted using lime zest, as well as Herbes de Provençe. French in Porchetta? I can already hear my Italian friend Domenico
groan. Whatever. To accompany the sliced porchetta I made small rolls found on this blog, Pan di Pane,  adapted with whole grain and eggs. Here is what I got!


IMG_9979 IMG_9982


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