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Caputo Antimo “00”

by | May 31, 2014 | Flour, Pizza

 Caputo Antimo "oo" is probably the most well known Italian pizza flour on the market. It's a flour I have used trying to make a sourdough version, even after learning from a pizzaiolo that  pizza Napoletano is not made with sourdough because of the demands of a shorter-than-sour dough baking time. My most recent attempt was a work-based bake using my broiler cranked at over 900F,and a heavily hydrated dough using James Lahey's no knead pizza method.

The Antimo "00" probably isn't a flour for  no-knead pizza method. Still I think I achieved a pretty decent result. There are strong opinions about this flour's integrity, despite it's huge market presence in the pizza world. But it worked for me.  

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