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by | Sep 23, 2014 | Food, Markets

Puntarelle can be thought of as vegetable cousin to chicory. My first try, I was hooked by a marriage of this crisp fennel like vegetable with anchovy. It was, no overstatement, divine!  And now if I sound like a guy who sports twin toy poodles, so be it. Puntarelle is even fun to say. Try it out loud. Puntarelle! Okay, now I'll shutup and just share that finding a stand selling it at Union Square Farmer's Market, I decided to recreate the Roman style salad which had first inspired my reverie. And so I did. Just sliced thinly, popped into ice water where it curls and crisp and dressed with a anchovy, vinegar, oil and garlic vinaigrette, presto, puntarelle, baby, puntarelle!!!!

IMG_3455 IMG_3470 IMG_3477


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