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Salt Cod

by | Jan 12, 2015 | Food

Salt dried cod is a favorite among North Atlantic, Caribbean  and Mediterranean sea faring communities; all of whom ventured out to the Newfoundland's Grand Banks to bring back this prized fish. As a big fan, myself, I recently salted some Icelandic cod at work, using it three different ways. 


First came "Brandade de morue." An emulsified version of salt cod with milk and olive oil, it's been a favorite since my chef Jean-michel Bergounoux taught it to me.  The rest of the food in the photo is my hommage of camaron (shrimp) ajillo, and some octopus "Gallego".


Second, I used the cod in ravioli, something I'd seen on Christmas menus at Italian restaurants. With added potatoes to the cooked cod, I rolled and stuffed the composition into homemade pasta, then served it with a quick arrabiata sauce of spicy tomato. It's delicious any time of winter!

IMG_5865 IMG_5866

Finally, with the last bit of filling, I  made croquetas of Spanish fried cod. Again, I topped it with a spiced tomato sauce, though this created with a mix of chipotle and Mutti passata tomato puree.

  IMG_5938 IMG_5951



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