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Micro-Baking into 2015

by | Feb 4, 2015 | Baking, Bread, Micro bakery

The Phoenix rises from crusty-ashes of an oven – all to say that my micro-baking is reborn. Stay tuned, as I report on my concentrated focus on creating great, marketable loaves of bread from the hot innards of my home kitchen. Watch me heavy-eyed and flour-covered but totally inspired as I try to juggle a full time chef's job with my baker's passion to bring bread to the world (or at least New Yorkers) inspired by a combination of my imagination and the rich tapestry of global bakers I call my mentors and my friends. 

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  1. mick hartley

    So, you’ve been slacking again! You part-timers give us serious microbakers a bad name!!!
    Coming to Bethesdabakin’ this year? Probably mid July in North Wales.
    Up yor leg!

  2. Ben Johnson

    Hi Jeremy
    It would be great if you could come again to another Bethesdabakin’ this year. Mick might even offer you a discount on his microbakery course as well!
    Best wishes

  3. mick hartley

    Hi Ben
    Fancy seeing you here.
    You really thing Jeremy is ready for the Microbaking Course? I think maybe he needs a bit more experience to really benefit from it. Let’s see if he comes to Bethesdabakin’ first.


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