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The Queen’s Malted Loaf

by | Feb 18, 2015 | Bakeries, Bakers, Bread, Micro bakery

Queen Tami Isaacs Pearce
, a London-based micro baker (known for her challah), recently shared her "malt house loaf bread" with me. Termed by Tami "the Omega bomb," from description the bread reminded me of the granary loaves I'd enjoyed while visiting British friends in Surrey.

I had to try creating New York City version. First, I had to find malted wheat flakes, as well as the time to bake it. Cold weather and the promise of snow blessed me with spare hours. And so with vintage English loaf-pans, along with wheat flakes from King Arthur Flour,  I came up with this first batch. Thanks, my friend, the Queen!

IMG_6723 IMG_6716 IMG_6898 IMG_6911

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  1. corrin

    Gorgeous loaf. I drool over your photos on FB daily, but I rarely read your blog because I know that the recipes are not forthcoming. I’ll get a little bit of info (like an introduction to malted wheat flakes), but no possibility to ever learn how to make it or taste it. I know, it’s selfish of me to want more, but I always do. Your breads are so beautiful and I want to learn from you. Do you teach? Have you ever considered teaching? I know writing recipes is time consuming, but if you have this one on file, could you shoot me a copy? Please?


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