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Old Dough

by | May 28, 2015 | Pizza

Retarded pizza dough usually will last a week, at most. After five days it frequently degrades into a wet and dying mass. In my latest workplace test on ghetto pizza dough, I had some success with a three-week old batch, getting the most delicious, best looking pies I've ever baked! 

The secret? First, I made one batch with horrible results. Not wanting toss all the dough, I upped the hydration, added a pinch of yeast, and let the dough cold proof again! Next day, I balled a few pieces of dough, and let them sit about an hour. Boom!

11114281_10153371173104416_8558675254573252330_n IMG_8996 IMG_9002 (1) 11205611_10153371640369416_811804882815048864_n IMG_9003

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  1. andris lagsdin

    Hey Jeremy,
    This is awesome, beautiful results. I’ve had some success just re-balling old dough without adding yeast or hydration. I’m going to give this a shot. Amazing idea, can’t let those balls go to waste…


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