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Bandeja Montanera (Colombian Eats)

by | Dec 2, 2015 | Food

While I like Colombian food from home style restaurants, especially the carnivore dishes, quite often you're gonna get a ropa vieja ("old rope"), basically chewy meat of unknown origins! Better to go at it in your own kitchen using a good cut of grass-fed ribeye.  Below is a dish of what's known as bandeja montanera, a comfort meal composed of meat, beans, plantains, rice,chicharron, avocado and some aji (chili sauce). It's easy and really good. Enjoy with a Mouton Cadet if you don't want Inca Cola.This was a spur of the moment craving and nod to the home style cuisine which can sometimes be better made at home. 


IMG_5898 IMG_5896



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