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Nordic Rye NYTimes

by | Feb 4, 2017 | Bread, Rye

Seeing a Nordic rye recipe in the NYTimes, I gave it a try.  I followed all the steps. But I also lowered the hydration, thinking otherwise I would have ended up with pancake batter. That said, I also signed up for a rye-making class. And until it starts, I'll ponder over Marie Claude's example!


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  1. Nick Greco

    shapiro , you should have left the hydration high.
    Nick Greco

  2. Jonitin

    Hey Nick, can you expound on that thought? My friend MC Farine has a post on that on her site. But I think I understand your point, the dough was like play dough, but I felt more water would make it way too hydrated? First attempt…will try it again!

  3. Nick Greco

    2 things, rye tends to have a secondary hydration meaning simply what you have now is not what you later. Secondly are you using a hook or paddle? With 100% rye I have better luck with a paddle attachment.

  4. Jonitin

    Ah, very interesting, I use paddle primarily, Kitchen aid still doesn’t understand a good mixer for bread!
    I’m currently doing some real rye baking today, softschrotbrot. After this disaster I made Hamelman’s sunflower rye, which was nice, but for me felt a bit under hydrated, and I think adding a altus or old dough soaker gives nicer color and moisture….hey, Nick, when we going to do an interview??

  5. Nick Greco

    No,interviews are really not my favorite thing to do. I really like sharing what I’ve learned a with you. We met over 20 years ago and I still feel a connection to you and I’m inspired by your quest for perfection.

  6. Jonitin

    Ok Professor! hahah….I think this rye pumpernickel spreadsheet was yours, not David’s…he didn’t remember it at all.. Since taking that class, it’s been my quest to learn more and more!
    Bread is a magical expression.
    My latest rye totally putzed out, the old ass loaf pans I used weren’t good…hate that…anyway, it’s gonna happen again next week, timing is key!

  7. Karin Anderson

    I looked at that NYTimes recipe, too, but a 100% rye bread made without a sourdough? Even with the preferment I doubt that it will have the same aroma of the (much slower fermented) real thing (says the German bread snob:)

  8. Andrew McGowan

    100% ryes are the wettest and otherwise most unlikely doughs I have ever used. And yes, sourdough all the way please.

  9. Jonitin

    Hi Andrew, welcome to my world of rye, hahahh,my latest I found didn’t work, it’s taken a new batch of rye flour I bought, finally the sour is looking healthy. As you may know, a lot of German bakers don’t keep a rye for a long time, it can go south or turn into ergot?! And this course I will take will be posted on…meanwhile, back to my lab!!


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