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Pizza Bonta New Yorkese

by | May 19, 2017 | Baking, Pizza

Testing an ancient "maiorca" flour for Gustiamo, its extensible quality suggested it would be great for pizza. Inspired by Alessandro Scuderi's viral pizza video (that feature weaker protein ancient grain flours) I decided to give his recipe a try. Alessandro uses a flour branded as Bonta Scicula, which roughly translates to  "Sicilian goodness." Actually, it includes maiorca in this mix. But it also includes elements like spelt and emmer. I guessed "00" Flour, which works for pastries, might work well here. Below is a rushed version made on cast iron. The dough is light and airy. But it's not chewy, as with a pizza dough using All Purpose flour.



IMG_1217 IMG_1220



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