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A Shift In Diet

by | Sep 16, 2017 | Health

Life is a ladder you climb; if you miss a step, you either fall or collect your balance. Here's my ladder and challenge around balance. I'm a chef. I work long hours in a small space with lots of people and mucho stress. There's great food but bad eating habits. I also come from a family with health issues. All to say I need to better pay attention to my diet, especially as I move into my 50s. So here's the summary; I am off of salt!

Here's my first dish, soft scrambled eggs, herbs, onion and garlic, seasoned without salt. Quite delicious, really!




  1. Ben Johnson

    You need to get back on your bike!

  2. Jonitin

    Hi Ben,
    Actually I did after being off for some health reason, bronchitis and sinus… that said I am back on it. Last year was incredibly tiring year of hard work, that wouldn’t let up a little…and I got lazy, tired and fatter….so, already starting on a daily 25 kilometer spin on the wheels, got to get back to my century rides too…one pedal at a time mate!


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