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by | Jan 2, 2018 | Bread, Rye

Once again, I have attempted to bake a Kornybroyt, something of a "mythological bread." This time I milled my own rye for a finer feel (and look). I also gave the dough a longer mix for better hydration. Then deploying a cast-iron pan, I upped the heat, reducing it after 20-minutes to get a lovely crackled crust. Say it with me, folks – "crackled crust." What a delicious phrase, no? Okay, maybe not. Anyway, I considered using the traditional cornstarch glaze, but instead opted for rye. Finally, I pre-gelatinized the flour. So what're the results? One crusty, lusty lecker (bread). Now I just need a few slabs of pastrami and a dab of mustard to call it happy holidays.




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