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Anthony Bourdain – 2007 – RIP

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Uncategorized

Anthony Bourdain was a bright light in a food world already rich in color. Feet grounded, perpetually curious, a natural raconteur, he was a man who seemed to love the simple sensual gifts life offers those who keeps awake. To many, Bourdain seemed like a soul who literally defines the term "woke." In Bourdain's case, being awake was about delving into what's worth savoring. But in a way that's the opposite of gluttony. Indeed he was someone whose hunger for a great meal extended to learning about the people behind it. And relishing the opportunity to put his hand to navigating the knife, flame, and skillet.

Both Jeremy and I  have had people close to us take their own lives. We well know what a huge hole it leaves. Their decision in those finite moments remain mysteries that, however many reasons we find, will plague us forever. And our memories of them, however sweet, will remain to haunt us while simultaneously offering moments of delight.

Bourdain gave so many people delight. He will be missed dreadfully. We hope that those most impacted by his death will find some solace in remembering the pleasure he inspired. Back in 2007, this man was kind enough to take time to visit with us on our podcast. This was back at a time when podcasting meant nothing, we had no big names, and he was already acquiring fame. But Anthony was patient with whatever question Jeremy asked him. As with so much to do when it came to Anthony Bourdain, the man left us laughing, happy, and thoughtful about food, cooking… life.   Below is the interview. We hope that you enjoy it and that you will remember him with as much fondness as we do. 


Anthony's hand


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