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Rusha Homa

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Food, Holidays

As a Jew in the US Army during the Jewish high holy days, I was not given my pass to go home for Roshashana, nicknamed by some military guys as "Rusha Homa." Fast forward to this years festivities. I had a "farkhalesht lekhtsn" (yiddish for "going nuts") for challah. So as an old yiddishe mamma might say, I "kokhedik  brisket nor vi bobe in a fendl." Enough yiddish for now. My point is being sentimental – whether for my army days or growing up in a household that was half-Jewish, I decided to do an old school meal. Brisket, kashka, a Persian Jewish salad, as well as home baked challah and ice cream for desert and… heck (I mean "oy") it was good.  


IMG_4341 IMG_4351 IMG_4347


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