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Celiac Patient

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Baking, Bread, Gluten, Sourdough

Gluten free bread was never my big interest though I've played around with minor success, but I did not run back to it. That's until recently when a childhood friend commented on my bread photos, saying she'd love to try some but both she and her daughter are celiac and gluten-sensitive. I offered to research and send her a loaf, she demurely declined but told me to try it…and I did

First I sought out advise from other bakers who could help me approach gluten-free breads in my own sourdough nuance. I actually found a source from a book by Thomas-Treffi Chambelland,and sourdough using a rice levain, which mine turned into a Frankenstein tweaked buckwheat rice combination. It was a satisfying experience, with the crumb structure and pleasant mouth feel and flavor a wonderful surprise.  



IMG_0128 IMG_0144




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