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Exploring GF

Once again I returned to gluten free baking to maybe break the code of milled grains and legumes to finally understand its mysteries. First up a chick pea loaf with my rice levain which was buried in the back of my cold refrigerator in disuse for some time, after a...

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Celiac Patient

Gluten free bread was never my big interest though I've played around with minor success, but I did not run back to it. That's until recently when a childhood friend commented on my bread photos, saying she'd love to try some but both she and her daughter...

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Thoughts About Alternative Grains

Rye and spelt are two grains I enjoy using in baking bread, though they lack the gluten strength that builds the structure of wheat doughs. But then they make up for it in flavor and texture. Though we'd like to believe the could substitute for gluten-free diets,...

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