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Recently baking author (and teacher) Richard Miscovich posted a 67% sprouted rye bread. Wanting to make it, I set about configuring the numbers on my single detmolder calculator. Having no sprouted rye, I was so eager that to bake the bread that I ended up grabbing a...

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Cornetti-Spelt Second Time

Baker Ben Rogers captures a great insight on baking when he says; "make little changes as you do it." Perfection in baking can become an obsession. While the last bake was good, the next will be better, right? That's the hope? I thought of...

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Whole Grain Fanette

"La Fanette" is a bread I've made with and without success. This time I made what Thierry Delabre calls his "hobby levain," a firm starter at 50% hydration,  all kamut rather then wheat. The spelt I used was whole grain, no white...

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Fanette Bread

Since first attempting Roland Feuillas's infamous Fanette Bread, I wasn't satisfied with the end product. I've seen others baking it successfully; Thierry Delabre, who has coached me, as well as some other fantastic French bakers. It made...

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Thoughts About Alternative Grains

Rye and spelt are two grains I enjoy using in baking bread, though they lack the gluten strength that builds the structure of wheat doughs. But then they make up for it in flavor and texture. Though we'd like to believe the could substitute for gluten-free diets,...

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Sunflower, hemp and spelt

About five years ago when visiting my sister in Switzerland, we traveled to the French Canton surrounding Lake Leman. There, my sister took me to a bread museum in Echallens, Switzerland's bread basket. The museum features exhibitions of baker's tools, ovens...

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