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Baguette Viennoise

Adapting recipes to sourdough, I came upon this for a classic  baguette Viennoise. It's a breakfast bread or savory-filled roll you can find at boulangeries and cafes in France. It's a butter enriched and soft crumb sweet bread, but fill it with ham and...

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Cornetti-Spelt Second Time

Baker Ben Rogers captures a great insight on baking when he says; "make little changes as you do it." Perfection in baking can become an obsession. While the last bake was good, the next will be better, right? That's the hope? I thought of...

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Cornetti 29% Skura

I'm still aiming to use a grano arso flour mix to use with laminated dough (particularily croissants), but Domenico isn't convinced that French croissants are the answer. That may be due to a sort of Italian chauvanism, but there's also the question...

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Craving croissants, I made up a batch with a mix of half white whole wheat and all purpose flour. Finding some fresh yeast in the store for a change, I decided to let down my purist sourdough ferment and make this easier to schedule while I am at work. Using...

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Flaky Croissants, again…

Prior to attending  a one day croissant class at my alma mater, French Culinary Institute, I decided to give croissants a go, again. Previously, I had failed with straight levain and spelt. I thought that a wee bit of yeast would help. Or some points from...

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