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Cornetti-Spelt Second Time

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Baking, Spelt, Vienoisserie

Baker Ben Rogers captures a great insight on baking when he says; "make little changes as you do it." Perfection in baking can become an obsession. While the last bake was good, the next will be better, right? That's the hope? I thought of that in relation to a recent batch of cornetti with spelt, which on my first try turned out more cakey than flakey.  So I re-worked this formula, this time using goat butter instead of cow's milk. And I changed my initial fermentation, discarding added citrus flavor while keeping the original ingredients highlighted by spelt, olive oil and some honey. 

Below are photos of my re-vamped cornetti.

IMG_5962 IMG_6020

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  1. Mila

    Sh….t Now I need that goat butter cause this is another “MUST try” ..Thanks For sharing 🙂


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