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Cornetti 29% Skura

by | Apr 4, 2014 | Croissants, Vienoisserie

I'm still aiming to use a grano arso flour mix to use with laminated dough (particularily croissants), but Domenico isn't convinced that French croissants are the answer. That may be due to a sort of Italian chauvanism, but there's also the question of whether I'll even able to extract the flavor of grano arso within layers of fat.

Anyway, I set about making cornetti with spelt and evoo, and here I substituted grano arso. Not a bad effort this time. I should of allowed a longer proof, yet they tasted good, and  hada nice crunch. The grano arso is evident in color, but its taste isn't that noticeable.

IMG_9503 IMG_9505 IMG_9512 IMG_9521


  1. domenico

    no taste at all of grano arso, clear, that’s why i keep telling there’s no use in using skura for croissant or cornetti if you are compelled of mixing it with something else… what’s the point? it’s not chauvanism, only french are so stupid, it’s only logic!

  2. Jonitin

    Domenico…Amico….I love your pride…and yet, if you don’t try, or even see beyond stubborn nationalism…it’s just predjudice…French is a capital F….not something you’d want to forget….baci e abraccio amico mio!

  3. Jonitin

    As per il Maestro di skura, Antonino Esposito….he let me know…even if I am a stubborn eretico!
    Antonino Esposito
    Nel grano Arso c’è una percentuale di farina di forza 300 W riesce a lievitare anche con lievito madre e solo che nel cornetto ci sono molti grassi e quindi fa fatica ma io proverei a fare un bel rinfresco alla madre e poi impastare oppure con appena 2 gr di lievito ti crei prima un impasto di 100 gr poi impasti insieme al lievito madre rinfrescato

  4. domenico

    you speak as if i were nationalist, you couldn’t be more wrong and you know it! i am very curious in food, i love chinese food, japanese food, arabic food, indian food, african food and on and on and on… none of these foood cultures and traditions (including italian) claims to be the meaning of the existing of the univers except for french but that cannot be in any way any of my fault!!! i’m absolutely open to every experiment, fusion, mix and so on… not interested at all in playing with crappy techniwues that gave nothing to the rest of the world, nothing! coq au vain??? romans used to do it 2000 years ago! what did french bring, really, to food culture on the world? all the food cultures i nominated before have recipes and traditions that linger since thousand years, what about french? no chauvanism, no nationalism, that stands for stupids, fascists and frenchs!


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