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by | Jun 25, 2022 | Baking, Bread, Gluten

Once again I returned to gluten free baking to maybe break the code of milled grains and legumes to finally understand its mysteries. First up a chick pea loaf with my rice levain which was buried in the back of my cold refrigerator in disuse for some time, after a few refreshments It showed signs of life. Still this first effort failed as the loaves structure shrank in its mold and its texture was tight and gummy.  The next try was a buckwheat loaf which  showed better prospects.  This formula was shared from Fariners Roca a flour company in Catalonia. As the dough crested  my mini loaf pan, it reminded me of a  pavé from the Belgian classic bike race in Roubaix. Taste wise a hint of kasha and the quality of the  crumb was soft. Just add butter and something else, salmon, cheese? Here's what I got.

IMG_8837 IMG_8841 IMG_8840



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