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Tamale Light

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Food, Tamales

My wife incorporated her diet with bone broth, stock she makes from turkey necks and wings along with a split pigs trotter, and chicken feet for collagen oomph!  Anyway, this past Thanksgiving we used the left-over turkey for tamales with red mole. The meat was perfect; moist and redolent of flavor. Realizing I had no lard for the masa, I decided to go with oil and ghee. This meant a third less fat as lard is semi-solid while oil and ghee are liquid. But I got a fantastic result. This included a delicious flavor, a thoroughly lighter texture and turkey meat that fully absorbed the fiery red mole flavors. Yeeee-ha!

IMG_3408 2 IMG_3409EF69EEB5-7F01-4980-8DE9-C6B4A65EF84C 2


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