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Mock Mill

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Flour, Grain, Grains, Milling

While I have a Komo mill at home, at work I was using an old mill attachment for my mixer. A few weeks ago, I decided to splurge and ordered a Mock Mill 100 from Breadtopia, the company’s American distributor. On arrival, the hopper broke and calibration issues abounded. The company sent me a new hopper. Then while reading instructions (and keeping my crew away from it), I narrowed down the intricacies of it’s settings and got it working. It turned out to be worth the money. It’s a great product with no overheating and small enough to keep on my work table near my shaping bench.



  1. David Auerbach

    I remember reading that it’s a little tricky about adjustment.

  2. Jeremy Shapiro

    I did encounter and issue and we broke a piece on the machine which was replaced right away.. and it did take a learning curve to figure it out, but it’s quite a good tool for grinding a lot of rye grain and spelt I got at work!


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