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by | Jun 7, 2022 | Uncategorized

I have always loved green vegetables, like  Gai-lan, a type of Chinese broccoli found in Asian food markets. It works wonderfully in scrumptious preparations steamed or stir fried. Whereas spinach also a native of Asia goes simply in a dish like Goma Ae, a Japanese salad of cold spinach simply seasoned with soy, mirin and sesame.

Below are photos of a mix of gai-lan and spinach in a dish inspired by chef and author Ixta Belfrage. This version was flavored with ginger and rice wine vinegar. I also added sesame oil punched up with some fresh sesame seeds. I upped the ante by adding coconut liquid aminos and fried garlic chips. It led to a flavor-packed punch melding of pure umami. Low intensity preparation and easy clean up didn't hurt.




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