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Panettone Sourdough

by | Jan 27, 2024 | Uncategorized



Over the New Year holidays I had time to bake with panettone sourdough. Using a three-time refreshed starter (along with three one-hour intervals between each) resulted in dough that was just the right texture and sweetness, at least for me. My last panettone was wonderfully light, with flavor enhanced of dried fruits. These included cantaloupe and pineapple along with the typical candied orange and raisins, the summation generating what I’d describe as a tropical flavor. 


In addition, I decided to use the same starter to make a kougelhopf  (an Alsation-bread akin to a panettone) , which after a long overnight proofing came alive and was among the most delicous in my home baking life. Below are some of the photos of what emerged.

Panettone Tropicale



Refreshed Panettone



Panettone Crumb












Piece of Kougelhopf



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