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Putting together a mezze dish at a time, dolmades were eaten in one fell swipe of the hand a day before . So I made up some Egyptian falafel, pita were needed to stuff them in or to swipe a bit of tahini or hummus... Here I made up a sourdough version adapting a...

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Taameyya (Egyptian falafel)

I love falafel, and I always wondered about the Egyptian version made with fava beans rather than chickpeas like which is more common? This can fall into political discussion about appropriation and origins or even stamping it with PDO status... So I decided to go...

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Anissa Helou

Anissa Helou is a resource for food, middle east politics, and bread, nevermind a graceful human being. She kindly lent her time and voice to tell her story of middle eastern foods mysteries and flavors. Jeremy: When did you start cooking?Anissa: I was 16 when I first...

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Pocket for a falafel

My first falafel was eaten in the mid-east. Only it was mid-eastern Connecticut, the white-bread suburbs of Fairfield County, where my family moved from Europe decades ago when I still had lots of hair on my head. I still remember the lunchtime introduction, coming...

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