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M. Wells Diner

M.Wells Steakhouse

M.Wells Steakhouse finally opened in Long Island City. In only two months, Chef Hugues Dufour and his wife Sarah Obraitis have managed to generate genuine buzz. The night I went, a few days before New Years, when the only seat was at the bar. Honestly,...

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Le Retour: M.Well’s dinnette

I was sad when the doors of Montreal-influenced M.Well's Diner closed in New York. I had discovered this upscale "hip" greasy spoon a few years ago, visiting its diner box car environ's to sample the fusion of Canadian comfort food. So...

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Revisiting M. Wells – Honest food

When I was a kid, "diners" were the epitome of plain unfettered food joints where people could eat cheap but honest food. But at some point, diners seemed to lose their "Mom & Pop" intregrity, outsourcing their muffins and pies, and...

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M.Wells Diner – from Quebec to Queens

For those unfamiliar with it, Long Island City is a section in Queens, which is one of New York’s five boroughs and where I make my home. Long Island City has a nice view of Manhattan, some great industrial architecture, and some surprising art spaces. Now it has a...

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