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M.Wells Steakhouse

by | Jan 5, 2014 | Chefs, Food, M. Wells Diner, Restaurants

M.Wells Steakhouse finally opened in Long Island City. In only two months, Chef Hugues Dufour and his wife Sarah Obraitis have managed to generate genuine buzz. The night I went, a few days before New Years, when the only seat was at the bar. Honestly, though I had lived in the area, finding it was not easy. Even my cab driver got lost. Thanks for the modern ubiquity of mobile GPS. 

Anyway, the food, service and space was spot-on. The menu's laden with quirky-named dishes, full of comfort and lipids! I was impressed, especially when Hugues Dufour butchered my roast chicken to order! From the waiters to the the guy shucking my oysters and clams, the steak house delivers service and food that's worth the visit. Though I missed a look at the live trout tank, I got to see the lovely pearl like house cured roe! Here is some of what I saw and ate.


IMG_7725 IMG_7733 Photo

Photo 2 IMG_7743


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