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Maggie Glezer

by | Jan 12, 2008 | Bakers



Writer and baker

Maggie Glezer is someone I respect, she takes time to think of the process of baking bread, from bakers percent, to hydration, crunching the numbers to identifying the science of grains, not a lazy baker like me. Meticulously explaining the steps in baking all the while unveiling the magic that is bread, the staff of life.  Maggie went into the craft to find out what makes bakers and bread tick in her book Artisan baking in America. Blessing of bread is a testament to traditions of Jewish bakers sadly a tradition that is being lost. Her ideas are many and she hasn’t started a new book yet, but I am sure when it comes out it will be on my shelf!

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  1. Gershom

    What is the maximum amount of sugar one can add to a sourdough sponge before it will not ferment?

  2. mitchell

    Could you give me the recipe for the “corn” bread I used to eat when I grew up in Brookly9n?
    I have been searching for years

  3. Stephen george

    I am looking for clarification regarding the amount of water used in both the poolish and basic dough for the “Tom Cat Filone” It seems as though there is too much water. It is not clear or I am missing something. It would appear that there is as much as 1/2 cup too much water… For instance, in the poolish recipe the last entry for water is confusing to me. where does it go ? what about the water you start with ? Finally, in the basic dough you still more water. Does the last water entry in the poolish stage befcome the base for the waqter in the dough in the second stage?


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