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Old bread into a new loaf

by | Jan 25, 2009 | Uncategorized

Nils recently made a Schrotbrot using old bread soaker. Intrigued, I had to wait till yesterday to schedule around work to make one, myself. It's a Flax seed rye bread from the BBGA's Camp bread that Jeffrey Hamelman was instructing as German bread 101 according to Download BREAD LINES.Vol 15-Issue 2&3.p29-56
. The lesson here was to use up a bread that was past its selling time, hence "old bread. "One of the benefits is the ability to use staled bread that would undoubtedly chip your teeth, by recycling it into  something with depth of flavor and high moisture content. Though  I previously tried my hand at this particular recipe, it didn't come out as planned. Perhaps my sour was a bit slow or needed some feeding. The "lazy baker" strikes again! I'm sticking with the German style breads, as they are quick to prepare, easy to schedule, and taste so good.


Flax seed rye
(Based on Jeffrey Hamelman's formula)

Rye flour       190g
Water            160g
Rye culture     20g
16 hours

Water           145g
flax seeds      50g
Old bread      40g
16 hours

Final dough
White flour  285g
Water           80g
Sour            365g
Soaker        230g

First fermentation: 1 hour
Divide: 960 g or smaller loaves perhaps rolls?
Shape: Oval or round
Final proof: 50-60 mins
Baking: Steam
35-40 minutes a @ 450 F 232 C


  1. Nils

    Excellent. Was the crumb as good as I think it was (judging from the handsome crust)?

  2. Jonitin

    Nils, check out the crumb on the ouef Brouille post,it’s finished already, very tasty.

  3. Jeremy

    A piece of rye bread I had saved in the freezer for such a purpose!

  4. Zeb

    Hi, I have trekked over here from Dan’s site and I had just been looking in Jeffrey Hamelman’s book for a recipe like this and then here is your version and I made it with more seeds (millet and linseed in the soaker with the old rye bread) and toasted sunflower and pumpkin in the dough and some sesame for good luck on the top and some salt in the dough and rolled it in seeds and it came out pretty well with a bite a bit like biting into english crumpets but with more of the flavour of a volkornbrot, definitely adds loads to the flavour. I think it’s my new favourite bread.

  5. Jeremy

    Hi Zeb,
    It is a good bread, I think the old dough soaker really makes for a softer crumb,and it keeps fresh and ages well. Besides any leftover goes to the next batch, right?

  6. Paul

    I baked this loaf over the weekend and it tastes wonderful. In addition to the above ingredients, I added just a hair under 2% salt and about 5 g of instant yeast. I’m not sure how it would taste w/o any salt.

  7. Paul

    Correct my last post…not 5g of instant yeast. For one loaf I used about 3/4 of a tsp. of yeast.


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