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by | Apr 11, 2010 | Chefs, Food, Pizza, Restaurants

Just like me to get on the pizza craze kind of late and miss out on Anthony Mangieri's famed Una Pizza Napoletano while he was still in NY. But not to worry, there is pizze  being made there again, that of Chef Mathieu Palombino at his new outpost  Motorino.


It's definitely made some waves, the likes of Rachel Ray anointing it amongst others with the seal of approval…at first I was sort of turned off, with the thought of a good thing turned out or spoiled by fame, plaudits and celebrity…but I was hungry the other day  and was itching to try some pizze! I had already seen Mike Colameco's recent show where he tried some pizze at  the flagship, Motorino in Williamsburg. Mike usually is a good indicator whats hot  and I like the places he goes to.

So upon entering the minuscule storefront that is well manicured and well tended by a sharp staff, I couldn't wait, just the first sighting of a charred, puffy and steaming pie made me even more hungry.


So my wife and I perused the menu and ordered the signature Octopus and warm potatoes flecked with pepporoncino, capers, celery, parsley.The wife ordered some non-descript mixed green salad, simple unpretentious, with some health factor or reasoning I suppose?


We ordered a pizze to share, the spicy sopressata pizze along with a fabulous barley ale from Sardinia.


We quickly polished off the first pie and I couldn't help but order an other.This time the special of the day with chopped ramps….my wife doesn't really enjoy pizze like I do, but she helped wipe out the two, exclaiming how good it was and so lite!



The acoustics were a bit loud with the peoples voices drowning out the old school playlist of Elvis and Sinatra, but I was entrenched in my birra and fabulous
pie, oh yeah, the service was tops! Vespa, taxi, bike or whatever, get some pizze!


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