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Semola Pizza

by | May 12, 2012 | Pizza, Taglio

I'm at it again, exploring the different styles of taglio pizza, from Roman to Sicilian. This latest was made with durum, otherwise known as semola rimacinata, which I substituted  for the white wheat in my first test of Bonci.

For some reason, my durum isn't as easy to make into a natural leavened dough. So in this batch, I used commercial yeast. The dough is really wobbly, and harder to handle than the white wheat dough. But as I had  left it two days in the fridge, I wanted to make it, especially as it looked like it was trying to escape the confines of the bowl in which I'd left it for its rise and cooling.

While waiting for the newly released Bonci book, I am following what I've already learned and tried. This is what I got, which was not bad for a first go with a wetter dough and different flour.



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