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Croissants Again

by | Jul 2, 2012 | Croissants, Viennoisserie

My search for a perfect croissant achieved, I decided to try adding  twenty percent whole rye into the picture. Not reinventing the wheel exactly, as it's been done. The challenge is the understanding of using rye or other flours with less protein as a flavor qoutient.

This batch was really soft and the volume of oven spring not as high as I'd liked, but still they were crisp to finish and flavorful. The other trick in this was, along with commercial yeast, I used a levain which is always a bit tricky, as they're not as uniform in all aspects of handling and final product. Next batch will be spelt, perhaps that olive oil batch I'd tried before, now that I've got this science of Vienosserie handled to a certain measure! IMG_6862

IMG_6879 IMG_6882



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