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Le Comptoir


Anthony Bourdain first made me aware of Le Comptoir and its chef owner Yve's Camborde on his Paris "No Reservations" episode. Visiting France, I decided to get into this extremely popular twenty seater, having failed to make it for dinner one earlier evening, getting seats the next day with a friend. 

Great simple, classic French fare similar to the terroir cooking I had been helping produce with my former boss Jean Michel Bergounoux back in the 90's, only with a lighter touch and without foam or meat glue. This is the kind of comfort French food I like and recognized.

For starters, we enjoyed a salad of foie gras with haricot vert, artichoke hearts and vinaigrette. Sublime, and just deliciously tickling the tongue and senses. Next a beouf braise aux carrotte (beef braised with carrots and macaroni!), and a wonderful Hachis parmentier of lamb,(shepards pie). Dessert, well it was hot, and I didn't fancy coffee after a nice demi-carafe of Bandol rosé, so  a granité of coffee with a layer of coffee custard to guild the lilly.

Just right with the Paris sun blaring overhead and easily digested after a filling lunch.



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