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Anson Mills

by | Feb 10, 2013 | Flour, Milling, Pizza


Recently my Montreal friend Marc Andre Cyr  (Olive Et Gourmando) asked me whether I had used "heritage wheat" such as  Red Fife. When I do ever get some cool flours, it's quite a luxury. I use them for things like Fanette or  Eli Colvin's wet doughs.

Recently I purchased some flour from Anson Mills in South Carolina. I also added Red Fife to this order, along with double zero pizzaiola flour, which I usually avoid using because I dislike the Italian imports, in my opinion make the pizza seems bleached and is chewy in a bad way. So far, I've made a pizza, and was totally happy with the feel of the dough and it's flavor. I'll report on more as I keep baking!



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