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Restaurant Music

by | Oct 11, 2013 | Food, Restaurants

Booming playlists while you're eating out. Anyone else find it annnoying? Lately, I have wondered when it became an addition to an eating-out meal. We already are a society barraged by noise. The New York Times had a piece recently about all the noises this city generates. Personally, I love music. Actually, I also embrace the everyday jazz urban street life. That said, it seems to me we often lose sight of the real reason to eat – which is a sensual and social pleasure. An always-on world of blaring media has generated a lot of multi-tasking people who can't even seem to eat without diversion of noise. I hate to seem puritanical, but listening to thumping soundtracks via bad acoustics in packed dining room can ruin a potentially good meal for me. It feels like you're a prisoner to the shuffles. Can we just turn down the volume please?


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