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Longer Proof Pizza

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Pizza, Sourdough

A pizza friend recommended, Pivetti Farina di grano tenero 'OO."   This Italian flour is ideal for pizza, boasting itself as such on its packaging. Given the company has been around since 1879, who am I to argue? Anyway, with a sourdough first try, I found it quite extensible. But when baked, it felt tough, and not not of great taste or look – with bleach white appearance. No robust cornicione!

I like my dough light and blistered leading to a high crust. After a second attempt yielding nothing to boast about, I decided to do a small formula of yeasted pizza, very standard dough, with the exception being a long 48 hour bulk ferment and four hour final proof. Again, it led to an ugly crisp dough. I was ready to chuck it all. But being so busy I left the dough in the fridge for a full six days. Hungry last week, I took out a piece and let it warm up. Wow! Not only did it yield a decent crust, but it was light and puffy with color!

All to say, Pivetti needs to sensitivity and improvisation, though I'm betting I'll go more local for flour the next go around. Gonna get my pizza mojo back!




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