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High Extraction Sourdough Bagels

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Bagels, Bread

Bagels with high extraction flour? Why not? If you have extra sourdough just sitting around, and you are out of bagels, it takes a simple mix and a few hours to whip up a nice batch of wild yeasted bagels. I was guided by Jeffrey Hamelman's BBGA 2013 class formulas, but opted not to use yeast and upped the sourdough a bit. Just for whimsy, I also used high extraction and a bit of rye. The results were decent bagels, although I changed my method of hand rolling by poking the balled dough, I'll go back to the old method of wrapping the cylindrical dough next time for a nicer look. That said, they were chewy and tasty!


  IMG_7934 IMG_7943 IMG_7945


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