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by | May 6, 2014 | Food, Food and Drink, Wine

Quite often I get a taste of some interesting wines, looking to my friend Gretchen on Instagram for help with her terrific descriptive details. Here are some  wines I drank and asked her opinion on, along with an observance. Watch for oxidization, as sometimes it could be mixed up for mineral coming from limestone found often in vineyards.


This was a Austrian wine that has a mix of varieties, and went fairly well with seafood, with fruit and acidity nicely balanced.


Another wine with mixed varietals and price point. It's not a deep wine, but could go well with simple cheeses, chicken.


Considering this wine's reputation, my bottle was actually a dissapointment. Definitively has an oxidative quality. Gretchen seeing a negative comment about the bottle wrote back, "I knew immediately what it was!" 

Such oxidative qualities clashed with my  dinner of rigatoni grano arso and clams.  

Gretchen wrote: "I say something with strong aromatics, and a touch sweet, Clash of Titans!"


Here is one I've missed since my first trying it in while in Rhode Island. Fabulous for seafood, this New Zealand wine has a big foot print, but is worth it. 

And below is this jewel from Languedoc, a I.G.P. Wine, Cinsault grapes, which was delicious.




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