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When In Rome (Abbottega)

by | Oct 31, 2014 | Food, Food and Drink, Restaurants, Wine

Recently I was invited to Abbottega for an evening celebrating the food and wines of Rome. Put together by Sara De Bellis (a native of the eternal city) and her staff, it was a night of great conversation, lots of photographers snapping pictures (and making me feel like I'd "arrived,") and terrific food.  

Giovanni Caveggia, wine representative from Principe Pallavicini, gave a thorough explanation of Roman wines, as we enjoyed them between courses of Sara's home town picks, including in-house baked breads, and focaccia and… well, an abundance of delicious food. In between eating, I got to hang out with with the hilarious Gennaro Pecchia, who kept me laughing in between keeping me in shots.  Thank you, Gennaro. But most of all, grazie, Sara. Well done!

IMG_4470 IMG_4389 IMG_4391 IMG_4407 IMG_4415 IMG_4420 IMG_4424 IMG_4428 IMG_4417 IMG_4402 IMG_4436 IMG_4457

A Cycle of Dinner Tasting Created to Divulge
the Italian Regional Traditional Culture
about "Wine&Dine"

Tuesday October 28th
"Back to The Roman Roots"

The Traditional and Creative
Roman Cuisine
the Prestigious
Principe Pallavicini Wines

An Exciting Italian Story
of Wine & Dine

Crostino Mozzarella & Alici
Toasted Bread, Mozzarella, Anchovies
Paired with
Frascati Superiore “Poggio Verde” 2013 Principe Pallavicini

Main Courses
Gnocchi alla Romana
Roman Gnocchi
Mezze Maniche all’Amatriciana
Half Rigatoni in tomato sauce, Pork Jowl and Pecorino Cheese
Paired with
Cesanese “Amarasco” 2012 Principe Pallavicini

Costoletta d’Abbacchio con Panatura Rustica alla Mentuccia,
Pannacotta al Pecorino Romano e Puntarelle in Salsa d’Alici
Lamb Chop with Rustic breading and Mint
With Pecorino flavored Pannacotta and Puntarellein Anchovies Sauce
Paired with
“Casa Romana” 2011 Principe Pallavicini

Crostata di Ricotta e Visciole
Italian Tart with Cherry Sauce
Ciambelline al Vino
Dried Mini Wine Donuts
Paired with“Stillato” 2012 Principe Pallavicini

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  1. sara

    Thank You Jeremy!! It was a real Pleasure!!!
    Be Ready for our Next Dinner!!


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