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by | Nov 28, 2014 | Food, Holidays, Thanksgiving

Who wants to work a double shift, then come home to confit duck gizzards and make stuffing amid a messy kitchen and cluttered fridge? Not moi! Nevertheless, having agreed with my mother to forgo Thanksgiving turkey for duck, well, moi it was!

For this most American of American holidays, we went with the holiday spirit rather than its geography. All to say that for this Thanksgiving we ate a meal with lots of foriegn influencers; Swedish, Persian, and Italian, though for desert we ate good old American pie.

First course: Gravlax, mustard and maple sauce, radishes, carrots and cucumber with pane di commune.

IMG_5097 IMG_0898


The duck, farm fresh from my butcher Jonel in Sunnyside, was braised on a recipe based on the Persian dish Fesenjān, stewed with pomergranate and walnuts. The breasts were slowly crisped and slathered with amazing Iranian marinade taught to me by my friend Anahita. This was followed by Romanesco cauliflower roasted with garlic and anchovies inspired by Chef Sara Jenkins. For starch, I decided to make bulgur pilaf, with tomato, peppers, garlic, cumin and coriander, my ode to the new age of global pilgrims. 


For thirst, we started with Beujolais Nouveau while preparing dinner, then switched to a more substantial Napa Ramsay Merlot. Fruity and spot on, thanks to Philippe, my wine connosieur brother. 


Apple pie for desert. Nothing like lard and butter with simple apple filling. God bless America and this wonderful annual meal. 

IMG_5094 IMG_5111



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