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Paris – La Grande Bouffe

I had a fast escape from New York over Thanksgiving, flying to Paris for the weekend. In some ways, what struck me most was a sort of experiential malaise. I didn't stay at a hotel. Or even an AirbnB. It turned out my booking in the Marais was a dowdy apartment....

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Post Thanksgiving

Who wants to work a double shift, then come home to confit duck gizzards and make stuffing amid a messy kitchen and cluttered fridge? Not moi! Nevertheless, having agreed with my mother to forgo Thanksgiving turkey for duck, well, moi it was! For this most American of...

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Schlepping The Bird

Thanksgiving, my usually favorite holiday is just a day away. Somehow I don't feel up to getting fancy, and if I can get my brother away from the football games long enough, I may just put my feet up while he does some cooking! Happy and healthy holidays to those...

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