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Paris – La Grande Bouffe

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Thanksgiving, Travel

I had a fast escape from New York over Thanksgiving, flying to Paris for the weekend. In some ways, what struck me most was a sort of experiential malaise. I didn't stay at a hotel. Or even an AirbnB. It turned out my booking in the Marais was a dowdy apartment. And there are so many websites, apps, and books guiding tourists, it was almost impossible to slip past the tourist crowds to enjoy any of the best foodie spots. 

That said, I had a blast meeting family and friends, peeking through windows, and the general visual delight of Paris. Though I did notice a lot of homeless people. Hmmmm. Well, the Seine still acts as my Parisian anchor, and the city's  beautiful buildings with hidden courtyards make it easy to escape into dreams. At least for the weekend. 

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