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Carol Duncan

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Friends

Carol Duncan is a friend I met from my days lurking around Australian site, sourdough.com. A couple of days ago, Carol tweeted to me, sharing that she would be visiting New York within days. So we met offline. Lovely to transform the world of virtual friendships to granularity of sharing actual real world space. And so we did. She turned up with multiple folks, including husband, sons, and friends, leading to a great evening. 




  1. Carol

    It was just wonderful to meet you after all these years!!
    We absolutely loved the chance to sit, talk, drink beer, laugh – thank you for your time. I’m sure the kids will be hassling Uncle Jeremy for sofa space in the years to come on their visits to NYC!
    Oh, me too!

  2. Jeremy Shapiro

    Hi Carol,
    Yes, I’m sure you will all come back or I make the penultimate voyage down under to New Castle amongst other walkabout territory in Oz! This meeting was one in a million amongst others I’ve made with people I’ve met virtually, mostly bread people…and hey, we met on Graham Prichards Sourdough forum so long, that it was time we said hello!


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