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by | Jan 14, 2021 | Charcuterie, Food, Pork

Pigs trotter can be the making of a great meal. Braised tender or roasted to crisping its skin, it is terrific for the German specialty schweinshaxe which I made recently. That dish led me to try using it for a batch of cotechino (or zampone), a trotter stuffed with its seasoned  deboned meat. It's an Italian winter delicacy which is tied to the Modena area. Anyway, it's something I wanted to try for its simple charcuterie characteristics that made the work involved interesting. It also made for a surgical maneuver to taste it. It went down great topped with a classic garnish of lentils.

IMG_3426  IMG_3466 127247552_10159404798129416_7874649393949922133_o


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