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Pressure cooker

by | Apr 6, 2021 | cooking, Cookware, Pressure cooker

After I fell in love with Instant Pot cooking, my old pressure cooker has been in storage. So I brought it to work to put to use. Initially I used it for staff meals. Then it became handy for prep work where time and space was constrained. My staff cooks seemed intimidated by it, expressing hand-me-down stories of exploding pots – or maybe terrorists using these things as cheap, homemade bombs.   The technology is unexceptional but it serves its purpose. Rather than how a slow-cooking circulator performs, these work in the opposite way, reducing time in preparing braised items from hours to minutes. What is remarkable are the intensity of flavors these pots can deliver. They take practice but they really proved their value over the years as the the ultimate one pot cookery thing.





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